Play time activities for baby is a must , because they should be physical active. So here are few top playtime activities.

You must have come across the saying that “It takes a whole village to raise a child”, well the proverbial village’s part has been replaced by nuclear families in present times. Toddlers look up to their parents to constantly engage them and it is understandingly hard to find newer activities every time to entertain them. Not to forget another challenge in the context that they also get bored very quickly.

The toddlers are developing their sensory, literacy, cognitive and motor skills at this age and nurturing these skills is the key to ensure a holistic development of the child. Kids playtime activities not only help in that process but also keep them in a cheerful mood mostly as they keep discovering and learning, literally every moment, from their new environment.

For infants and toddlers the mother completes their world, so naturally, the time spent together, for the baby and the mother, makes the most conducive environment for the child to respond to learning.

Here we have compiled a list of some fun and effective playtime activities to get you started –


Babies love watching their mother’s faces as if they are searching for a cue or anticipating them to read their minds. Well, mothers do develop that magical communication channel with their babies over time! This playtime activity here is a great opportunity to explore that magic connection between the mother and the baby. Make your baby watch your face as you touch your nose, and let imitate you. Mouth a word and let them imitate you, or enact it. You both will crack up as through this fun activity.

Play Mat: 

You could find ready-made “Play/Activity Mat” at a baby’s stores or even create one yourself. This is ideal for the very young kids who haven’t yet learned to roll over or crawl, for they are unlikely to break away and find anything else to catch their fancy. It’s a good reprieve for mothers to find a moment for themselves while the baby entertains himself on the activity mat.

Crawl and Chase: 

Once the baby has learned to crawl, you could draw an activity area or nursery for your young one and have loads of fun chasing each other on all fours. Make it more interesting by planting toy obstacles here and there.

Find Hidden Music: 

Another variation to entice sound sensation in babies is to plant music source in the activity area and task your little one to spot it by following the music being played from the source.

Treasure Box: 

Throw together some safe-to-play-with objects like play blocks, bracelet or even a shoe. Believe me, your little one will be so intrigued by its content once you set him with the treasure box to explore its contents.

Story Time: 

Reading is an all-time recommended activity for little ones. Read them some nice stories with colorful illustrations and watch for the twinkle in those lovely eyes.

Tell the Color

Kids get most fascinated by bright colors and it’s the right time to teach them to identify these colors with the help of color block or sorts. Make it a game with colors and reward them generously once they get it right.

Jello Finger Paint: 

These are edible colors to help develop color and taste senses in young kids and it’s pretty popular play activity among young ones.

Feel the breeze: 

Take the child out to enjoy and connect with nature at the young age. Lie down with your little one on the lawn and admire the tall trees and a cool breeze on the face.

Sensory Tunnel: 

For a little adventure, take a carton and hang colorful socks and stockings through out and give it a shape of a tunnel for your little one to crawl through. They will love the act of crawling through this sensory tunnel.

Also, it’s a good time to encourage social skills, take the young ones on play dates with other young kids or invite them over, it works wonders to their learning process.

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