Top 20 (boys and girls) Searched Baby Names in 2020

What’s in a name? Shakespeare said in one of his famously written plays…Having a trendy and unique name is so essential these days. Typically, a name is for life. It becomes an identity for a person and more so with this generation where we want to make it the best for our baby. Every parent-to-be is excited to go for a dream name which creates a ripple of excitement.

So, how do you choose a name for your baby? Trendy or classic? The fun and easy way to name your new bundle of joy, from traditional to unique, this is the perfect reference for parents-to-be looking for naming guidance.

But before browsing through the names for your baby boy, ask yourself:

  • Ø How does the same sound with your surname?
  • Ø Do you like the shortened version of the name?
  • Ø Can you imagine your baby as an adult with this name?
  • Ø Do you both love the name for your baby?

Let’s now dive through the list….

Name               Meaning                                  Religion                       Numerology   

Aarav              Peaceful                                  Hindu                                  7                                     
Mohammed     Praiseworthy, glorified           Arabic                                 9
Vihaan             Dawn, morning                       Hindu                                  1
Aditya             Sun God                                  Hindu                                  6
Sai                   Flower                                     Hindu                                  2
Arjun               White, Clear                            Hindu                                  1
Aryan              Warrior, Honorable                 Iranian                                 5
Reyansh          Ray of light                             Hindu                                  9
Vivaan             Lord Krishna                           Hindu                                  6
Krishna            Black, dark                              Hindu                                  8
Atharv             Lord Ganesh                           Hindu                                  7
Ayaan              Gift of God                             Arabic/Hindu                      6
Ishaan              Lord Shiva                              Hindu                                  7
Dhruv              Constant, Immovable              Hindu                                  1
Ryan                Descendant of Rian                 Irish                                     4
Arnav              Ocean                                      Hindu                                  2
Shaurya           Brave                                       Hindu                                  3
Kabir               The Great                                Arabic                                 5
Aarush             1st ray of the sun                      Hindu                                  5
Rudranew       Lord Shiva                              Hindu                                  5

Girls aren’t left behind…. Those adorable tiny feet, big rosy cheeks, and everything in between deserve a unique Indian baby name. Muddled about a new born baby girl name? Dig through….

Name               Meaning                                  Religion                       Numerology

Aadhya           First Power                              Hindu                          4
Ananya            Unique, no equivalent             Hindu                          2
Saanvi             Goddess Lakshmi                   Hindu                          3
Aaradhya        To be worshipped                   Hindu                          5
Anaya              Caring, Guardian                    Jewish                         6
Aanya              With Grace                              Hebrew                       6
Anika              Grace, favor                            Hebrew                       9
Pari                  Fairy                                        Farsi                            8
Myra                Fragrant resin                          Latin                            3
Shanaya           Rays of light                            Hebrew                       6                                 
Diya                Brightness                               Hindu                          3
Riya                 Flower                                     Hindu                          8
Aarna              Goddess Lakshmi                   Hindu                          8
Aditi                Boundless                               Hindu                          7
Kiara               Bright                                      Italian                          4
Aahana            Morning glory                         Hindu                          8
Kyra                Lord                                        Greek                          1
Aalia                High, exalted                          Arabic                         6
Aarohi             Music tune                              Hindu                          7
Prisha              Beloved                                   Hindu                          8

Now that you have the list of top 20 baby names with their origin, meaning and numerology, choose among these for your bundle of joy!!! God bless!!! 


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