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Do you know what to look for in phonics program

Do you know what to look for in phonics program

We all know the phrase “The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go” Right?? So we should always encourage our kids to read from the very beginning stage itself and one such thing that helps kids to understand and read better is “Phonics”

Phonics is such a vast topic and it immensely helps the child in understanding the language and helps in framing words easily! Sounding out words is the most effective method to learn how to read.

After all, reading is like dreaming with open eyes. We should always encourage kids to dream by helping them read a lot of good books and phonics is going to help us a lot in how to teach kids the relationships between alphabets, words and their associated sounds!


So let's first see what phonics is and then let's talk about what to expect from this program!

Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing of the English language by developing awareness, the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes! It helps in teaching the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns that represent them.

So, when we start with this program kids are most likely to know about the vocals and the sound associated with the respective alphabets!

There are different types of phonics such as analytic, embedded and synthetic! And all the three helps in teaching children how to decode words step by step!


Things we can expect through this program are:

1.Helps in independent reading and also encourages the child to read aloud! When the letters and the respective sounds are encoded it helps kids and boosts their interest to read out aloud and they try to frame words hence resulting in independent reading.

2.Helps in word recognition of printed words as kids focus on reading whatever is printed on the books; since the focus is mainly on recognizing the connection between letters and the sounds they make. Teaches how to read small stories and helps in balanced reading! The more words they get to know the more they are interested to read and also understand whatever they are reading! It also helps in understanding vocabulary. The meaning of words, their definitions and their context!

3.Encourages kids to read small comprehensions this helps them to link whatever they are reading and imagine it which in turn favors in deepening their levels of understanding new topics and concepts! Lastly the phonics program promotes confidence and fluency. It helps kids to read aloud with speed, understanding what they are reading and be accurate in it!

There are many online program and mobile apps that promotes phonics program! Have a look into it and encourage kids to read and make it fun.

For many children, practicing the ability to recognize the sounds in words can make a big difference in how fast they learn to read!

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