Unsung Hero : Fathers Day Special

Whenever we speak or read of parenting, most commonly it all about Mother. Mothers play important role in active parenting, but not to neglect the influence and the support which fathers brings to entire system of parenting.

For man transforming into a father its a big shift emotionally. Fatherhood, suddenly brings in load of responsibility into his life. All the while he had been playing different role as son and husband, been guided by parents and accompanied by wife and friends. Once the child arrives in his life, its a different feeling and meaning in his life. So he is are transforms himself to a different person as never before.

In this transformation he plays different roles which have positive impact in the child up bring. So what Father's are

Great  negotiator:  Taking child into negotiation process

Fathers generally very predictable in their responses , the child kind of know what his/her father will say. So most of the times father know that child is manipulating to get his "yes". For example:

Child says : Dad if I brush my teeth even in the night is it good habit?

Father says: Yes, ( he knows that child next question will be pointing get the candy in refrigerator)

Child says: If I brush twice a day I can eat chocolates , candies as many I want?

Father says: Yes, but candies just spoil the teeth but the sugar in the candy is not good as well for your small tummy

Child says: So how many candies can I eat each day?

Father says: You can have 1 chocolate a day.

Child says: Can I have one extra chocolate just today?

Father says: Yes, but  what will you do tomorrow's there will no chocolate to eat?

Child thinks and respond: Ok , I will wait and have it tomorrow.  

Weight lifter:  Teaching child to help people in need

Child like to play and use there muscle , fathers are best companion for such play. It could we playing arm wrestling to carry shopping bags.. its important that our children learn how to be co-operative.

Children learn seeing father helping mom , grandparents  etc.. in carrying heavy luggage , bag.. carrying them whenever they are out with family.

Explorer partner: Building appetite for exploration

Father's help children to explore new things, it could as simple as changing batteries in their toy car.. to cleaning their car.. Fathers play important role to quench the curiosity of the child mind by involving there and encouraging them to join them in such small work..

Mom's Friend: Valuing of love and family

Dad knows lot of secret about mom, he is mom best friend and mom always share many thing s with Dad.  Children from their birth they have been observing that mom always share her emotions and discussing with Dad . So for child its natural sharing friend...

Driver:  To have fun...

Dad is always there to take us around. He driver fast and safe and importantly most of the times he knows the way. He is awesome travel partner and I love him because he takes to different places..

Quick tips: Being aware things around you

Dad generally provide many quick tips to make situation easier or problem easier... It could as simpler as tips sharpen my pencil... or what to feed squirrel

Finally unsung Hero!!!

Fathers are really unsung Hero's of every Child... Fathers play multiple role to up bring their child to make them ready for real world... He grows as new child with their children, play with them, stand a support when required, guide them , take them to place, encourage them to explore , show child the respect and love in relationships... just all in parallel, but comes very naturally to all fathers..

Happy Father day..

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