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question to ask to kids from school

What are the questions to ask kids once they are back from school

As we mommies start sending kids to school, we get so curious to know about the things that our kids do while we are away! How do they behave in school!? Did anything interesting happen over there and so on! Initially, we would be eagerly waiting for them to get back from school and share everything with us!

But some kids are expressive and some aren't! Some are open enough and some are really introvert! By now, we all agree that every kid is different and we should not compare them.

So, one great way to encourage children to open up is to make a habit of cherishing daily conversations with your child.Conversations build connection. When children feel connected to their parent, they are more likely to answer all the questions that you have for them!

The key is not to start the conversation immediately, instead wait until your child has had a chance to relax and switch out of school mode..

So now, let's talk about the top ten questions that we need to ask them once they are back from school:

1. Did you enjoy the classes today!?
Was it interesting!? Which subjects were thought!? Did they like it! And so on

2. Did you make new friends!?
Encourage your kids to get social and have someone in school as their friends and not to be alone.

3. Did you enjoy your lunch!?
What do you want me to pack for you for tomorrow!?

4. Did they have any free period today
and if yes, how did they spend it!? Was anything creative and fun was done during that time?!

5. If you would select someone to sit next to you who would it be and why you want her to sit next and not the person who is already sitting with them!

6. Tell me any new word that you heard from your friends today!?
By asking this question, you can make sure your kid doesn't learn any slang and you can give awareness about that particular word to them.

7. What is the first thing that you want to do tomorrow in school!?

8. Did you have a play time today?? With whom did you play and what games did you play??

9. Did somebody help you out in school today!? Did you ask for help!? If so, how did you approach them or what happened next??

10. Lastly, whether any staff misbehaved with them!? If so, what did they do!? What did you feel about it so you can take necessary action further?

We always feel that school is a blessing because we parents get some time off from our kids during the day so we can concentrate on other matters. However, it can also feel weird to surrender your kids to the school for those hours.

This is especially difficult if this is your child’s first year of school. For me personally, I am always curious about those hours of the day where I don’t see them at all and have absolutely no idea what are they upto.

Lastly, not to forget that no parent can fully protect their child! What we can do is to continue the conversation and as parents to be continuously talking to them about everything in life.

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