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Why you need to be in Mysore this Dasara


Mysuru(Mysore) is basically known for its heritage also popularly known as Heritage city, which is 150 Km away from Bangalore,

Mysore is of the top choice for the travelers, yoga lovers etc. also famous for the world famous iconic Dasara festival and for the legacy of Mysore Palace.

Dasara will be celebrated for 9 days also called as Navaratri, 9th day is called as Vijayadashami, 9th day Dasara Procession will be there. on the 9th day, The Golden Howdah is a howdah, the carrier mounted on the leading elephant during the Jamboo Savari of the famous Mysore Dasara.

This 2018 Mysore Dasara is inaugurating by Padmashri award winner Smt Dr.Sudha Murthy she is an Indian engineer, teacher, philanthropist, writer, and founder of Infosys Foundation.

Why do you need to Visit Mysore During Dasara?

Each every corner in Mysore will give you some insights into our history, Dasara is not only festival its huge carnival there are various programmes will be there on the account of Dasara.

Dasara is not meant for particular people or age group, Dasara is for all. Dasara has attracted the huge crowd every year people will flood to Mysore across the globe to have a royal experience.

  • There are many events will be conducted during Dasara some of them are listed:

Dasara Wrestling

Dasara wrestling

Dasara wrestling is one of the ancient art, wrestlers will fight for the pride, pretty sure you will witness one of the exciting wrestling matches ever


Pet show

Mysore Dasara Pet show

Pet show is organized every year lot of pet lovers will actively participate with their pets, you can know about different breeds and many other things about pets


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is popular game since our school days, but in school, days boundary was very limited but here entire Mysore is your boundary so much exciting to play


Dasara food mela

Mysore Dasara Food mela

Food mela is for all foodies, if you are a great food lover this is the place where you will get the chance to have a tribal cuisine to regional cuisine under one roof


Open street Festival

Open street Festival

An open street festival is like carnival you can enjoy music, food, shopping etc.. its new attraction started from last year



There is lot more list will go on and on please visit Mysore Dasara Events to more about the timings, venue if you would like to participate in any of the events etc. and you can also visit the Hive Parenting Events to know more about Dasara events Every year there will be new attractions, this year also there is an open street festival many more attractions.

Entire Dasara celebrations will take you to olden legacy and definitely, trust me you will never get this kind of royal experience elsewhere.

At least once in a lifetime need to take part in Dasara Festival and capture those moments in your eyes you will cherish for the longer time.


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