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Farmer Dasara (Raita Dasara)


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                   Date 12-10-2018
 1  Procession: From Fort Anjaneya Swami Temple to JK Until Goundia. 1 pooja, gossip, jackal, nandal, sculptured, nagging, bearded, hornbill  09-30 in the morning
 2  Agricultural material exhibition
  • 30 stores from agriculture and agriculture related departments
  • Various types of animal / animal exhibits in 15 swalts from the Department of Animal Husbandry
  • Maa Fair - Decorative Fisheries Show by the Department of Fishing
 10-30 in the morning
 3  Congregation program
  • Honorable for Farmers, Farmer Women, Scientists, Youth Farmers and Best Extension Activists
 11-00 in the morning
 4  Conversation of farmers and scientists
  • Israel model model
  • Natural farming of zero capital
3-00 in the afternoon
                     Date 13-10-2018
                   Farmer Dasara Games
                  For farmers
 1  Walking inside the sack  09-00 in the morning
2  Slow Motorcycle Ride.  10-00 in the morning
3  Competition to run the manure bundle  10-30 in the morning
4  Three-legged run  11-00 in the morning
                   Farmer for women
1  Competition for running water  11-00 in the morning
2 Competition of lemons in a spoon 12-00 in the afternoon
3 Three-legged run 12-30 in the afternoon
4 Frog Jumping Competition Afternoon 1-00
                  Date 14-10-2018
 1  State Level Milk Competition Morning 6-30 and Evening 5-30
 2  Prize Distribution for Winners Evening 6-00



City :
Locality :
J K Grounds
Landmark :
Mysore City Railway station
Location :
J.K.Grounds Irwin Rd Devaraja Mohalla, Yadavagiri Mysuru, Karnataka

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