Topic: How do I breastfeed my baby?

Sindhu Jha

Sindhu Jha  10 Aug, 2018

How do I breastfeed my baby?

Priya Shneoy

 10 Aug, 2018

A. Breastfeeding for a new mother is quite a challenge in its own way! For new mothers who are trying to breastfeed, holding the baby in the right position for maximum latch - up and hence maximum intake of breastmilk is cumbersome in initial few days of start -up. Don’t loose heart mothers and try this out!! -- Hold the baby in your left arm (if breastfeeding on the left side) with the head towards your upper left hand. Move the baby towards your left breast and let it latch on by having the maximum part of the nipple in babies’ mouth. You can feel the suction with the grip that the baby has latched on to. Better the grip, better the suction. Repeat the same on the right breast after 5 to 10 min on the left one. Let the baby be fed on, on each breast for 5 to 8 min in every intake. The baby would wean off from sucking once the tummy is full. If it hurts anytime while breastfeeding indicates – 1. that the baby has not latched- in properly or 2. either the milk is insuffecient due to which it is getting cranky. TIP:- Use a quitter place to breastfeed the baby which way the process of latching up and feeding goes smooth.