Topic: How do I potty train my baby?

Priya Shneoy

Priya Shneoy  10 Aug, 2018

How do I potty train my baby?

Monica Sha

 10 Aug, 2018

A. Potty train your baby when the time is right!...precisely, when you and your baby are ready for it!!. You need to see:- 1. That your baby understands and follows your instructions 2. You have a baby potty seat with you 3. Few goodies (e.g stickers, soft toy, etc.) to be given as rewards for the job done. 4. A storybook which can help you to train your child (…which when read, gives positive enforcement on using the potty seat instead of wearing a diaper) 5. Cool underwear’s. The day you start to train your little one, make sure that you make it as a fun activity every time the child uses the potty seat by cheering, clapping and giving a sticker to paste on the back seat as a reward for the good job done. Keep asking the child frequently if he/she must go pee/poop which onsets their habit of using a bathroom every time they need to. Make the child wear an underwear during your training schedules. Follow the above-mentioned schedule for few days, till the child starts to say himself about using a bathroom. Diapers could be used initially (say first 3 to 4 days) at night time only till the child becomes habitual of controlling at those night hours. TIP:- Be patient, try again and again and positive reinforcement works wonders with kids.